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4A zeolite application

2016-07-30 10:58:53 Shandong Xiangsong New Materials Co.,ltd Read

4A zeolite is a kind of white powder,the main applications are as follows:

1) used as detergent in Washing powder,Whitening soap,

2)calcium-zinc stabilizer,

3)Used in plastic,rubber to remove odor,has antibacterial function filler,

4)In agriculture ,used as Forage breeding,soil conditioner

5)Used as filler in construction and building materials,

6)It has ion exchange capability,used in water treatment to adsorb radioactive substance, heavy metal ion,

7)Used as desiccant,adsorbent for gas and liquid separation,purification and purified,

8)Catalyst,catalytic cracking residue of petroleum,

9)Dispersed filling effect in paper making,paint.

10)Solar energy:using zeolite easy absorption of heat, can emit heat when in contact with the moist air of principle.