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Aluminum Hydroxide Application

2016-09-19 10:00:01 Shandong Xiangsong New Materials Co.,ltd Read

Aluminum Hydroxide Application:

1.Aluminum Hydroxide AH-1: used as fillers, flame retardants,the production of aluminum sulfate,glass,tube etc...

2.Super fine Aluminum Hydroxide:Used as the insulator, flame retardant and filler in cable, rubber, foam insulation, silastic, paper-making and PVC industries.


3.High whiteness aluminum hydroxide for filler (Carbonating process) :used in the solid surface,artificial marble, mould plastics, epoxy potting compound and other composite material


4.High whiteness aluminum hydroxide for filler (seeding Process): used as superior filler in the solid surface, artificial marble,crafts and other composites. 


5.Low Viscosity Aluminum hydroxide filler:

Main use:

1. As filler of artificial marble and Acrylic resin polyester agate ,

2. Applied to the BMC, SMC, epoxy mold, polyolefin wire and cable insulation,

3.  Filler for composite rubber and synthetic rubber, flame retardant,

4. Flame retardant filler of polyvinyl chloride, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester, polyurethane, and polyolefin resins,

5. Used in epoxy resins, polyurethane casting resin printed circuit board, other electronic and electrical products,

6. Used in aluminum sulfate, aluminum fluoride, cryolite, polyaluminum chloride, sodium aluminate, synthetic zeolites, and other aluminum salt.

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