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4A Zeolite for Detergent Builder

2017-03-14 16:21:16 Shandong Xiangsong New Materials Co.,ltd Read

Synthetic 4A Zeolites

Synthetic detergent grade zeolites, are the principle alternative to phosphate type builders, used in household detergents and softening the washing water by calcium ion exchange. 

The major part of phosphate-free household detergents is based on the use of Zeolite as builder. As a detergent builder, Zeolite type A was developed specifically as an environmentally

 preferable alternative to phosphate builders, which can cause eutrophication of freshwater bodies by nourishing excessive amounts of algae.

Zeolites possess a number of advantages over other builders during the production of detergents. With regards, zeolites display a very high product stability,

 regardless of the particular process employed (spray drying, granulation, extrusion etc). They prove inert when exposed to elevated temperatures, mechanical influences or alkalinity.

Use zeolite to replace other materials will help you reudce more output cost.let you easy control the market.

If you want to know how to use zeolite reduce produce cost,pls contact us at any time.

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