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Non-ferric aluminium sulphate

Non-ferric aluminium sulphate,water treatment,used for paper and net of marine pollution,Aluminum sulfate,aluminum sulphate

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Aluminum sulfate

Non-ferric aluminium sulphate

Al2O3: 15.91-17.00(%)

 Product introduction:

Aluminum sulfate Al2 (SO4) 3l8H2O is one kind inorganic basic variety, mainly used for paper and net of marine pollution. In paper-making industry, as paper sizing agent with rosin and paper wastewater treatment. In terms of water, water for urban and industrial wastewater treatment. In addition, also widely used in leather tanning, mordant, oil clarifying and decoloring agent, anti-inflammatory extinguishing materials, as well as for the manufacture of other aluminum salts such as ammonium alum, potassium alum, aluminum stearate and so on.

Product quality in line with the requirements of the Ministry of Chemical HC2227-91 first-class goods.


Aluminum sulfate Application:

Aluminum sulfate application.jpg


Chemical index:


Technical requirements (grade a) targets

(company) measured

Alumina (AL 23)



Iron (Fe)content



Water insoluble






Particle size

15mm Max

15mm Max

Arsenic (AS)content



Heavy metal content




Micro strip grey block

pass muster

Package,shippment and Storage:

1.    Liquid: plastic barrels shipped, have net 25kg, 50kg two pack sizes may be stored in acid tanks.

2.    Solid: plastic woven bag lined with plastic film bag, net weight 50kg.

3.    The solid product is easy to absorb moisture (moisture absorption does not affect the quality of performance), should be stored in a dry ventilated place.

4.    Products shall not with toxic and harmful substances during storage.


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Q1. How can I get sample to test ?

A:We can supply a certain quantity of free sample.

Give us your Express account or pay for the ship cost to arrange sample.

Q2. How can I get price of  this product?

A: Give us your exactly quantity, packing, destination port or specs requirements to quote price.

Q3. I don't know whether your product can be available, how can I order this from you?

A: The best way to request sample to test, after confirmation, you can place trial order.

Q4. I am a small wholesaler, do you accept small order of this product?

A: No problem, we would like to grow up together.

Q5. How to use this product?

A:We can provide application methods to you.

Q6. We want be your agent of our area? How to apply for this?

A:We discuss about to be an agent after some orders and trust.

Q7. Can you make OEM service of  ?

A:Yes, we have provided OEM service to lots of big and famous companies in the order.

Q8. Tell me what's your minimum order quantity of this product?

A:1000kgs of MOQ.

Q9. How about your production capacity for this product?

A: More than 100,000 tons annual year.

Q10. How can you ensure the quality to us?

A:Quality is the life of our company, in the past 15 years, quality brings us the benefits and gives us the vitality.

We can ensure the quality consistency.

If you still don't trust us, you can request the third part company, such as SGS, to inspect and test the bulk cargo before shipment(you should bear the inspection expense).

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