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  1. JH-10 High Water Reducing & High Retention Type
  2. JH-10 High Water Reducing & High Retention Type
  3. JH-10 High Water Reducing & High Retention Type

JH-10 High Water Reducing & High Retention Type

Water Reducing Agent for Concrete,Polycarboxylate Ether Superplasticizer PCE,Polycarboxylate Water Reducer ,Water reducer for the construction

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Polycarboxylate Superplasticzier

JH-10 High Water Reducing & High Retention Type

It is based on molecular designs with special functional macromonomer and functional monomer,after polymerization under initiating system.

 Main function: wide adapability of kinds of cements,gravels and sands. High water reducing and High retention, widely used in all kinds of concrete projects and cement product.With it’s stable performance,it’s widely used in all kinds of concrete projects and cement product, that is well received at home and abroad.

·Homogeneity Index


Enterprise Standard

Apperance (23)

Colourless to light yellow,viscous liquid

PH Value (23)


Solid content (%)


Content of Chloride (%)


Water Reducing Ratio (%)



·Scope of Application

JH-10 can be widely used in all kinds of concrete projects and cement product,for example:

1.Suitable for long-distance construction projects type pumping concrete.

2.Suitable for compounding normal concrete,high-performance concrete,high-strength concrete and ultra-high strength concrete.

3.Suitable for impervious,antifreezed and high durability concrete.

4.Suitable for high-performance and high flowing concrete,self-leveling concrete,fair-faced concrete and SCC(self compact concrete).

5.Suitable for mass concrete that used in expressway,railway,bridge,tunnel,water conservancy projects,ports,wharf,underground etc..



1. Recommended dosage ( by binding materials’ weight) is 0.25%-0.60%( on the base of 40% solid content). The optimum dosage is according to the reality project conditions and actual materials.

2. Compatibility test should be done in advance when used with other additives.

3. Precise measurement avoids repeat dosage,seep dosage and errors.


·Storage and Safety Matters

1. JH-10 should be stored at temperature from 0℃-40℃. Keep out of sun,rain,impurity.Avoid evaporation of water.

2. JH-10’s quality guarantee period:270 days. Retest should be done when it beyond validity,and can be used when it’s qualified.

3. JH-10 is non-toxic, non-polluting and non-edible. Avoid touching with eyes and skin allergy people. If touching,should clear with water and timely go to see doctor..


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200kg Drum

200kg/drum, 20' Container can load 80 drums,total 16MT,can add pallets.

1000kg barrels(IBC tank)

1000kg/barrels,20' Container can load 
20 drums,total 20MT.

Flexitank(Liquid Bag Container)

Flexitank can load 20MT-25MT.

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